At Halepaska Law, we’re proud to provide top quality attorney services for any auto accident injury you sustain. These are some of the most common personal injury cases out there, and making sure you have a personal injury lawyer on your side can often make the difference between getting the settlement you deserve and being shorted.

In the immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident where you feel the other driver was at fault and owes you compensation, there are several vital steps to take. Let’s go over these steps.

Call the Police

No matter what, this should be your first step. Regardless of injury severity, vehicle damage or any other factor, call the police after your accident.

Take Photographs

There are a couple important things you have to photograph. First, make sure you get clear pictures of all damage to all vehicles involved, as well as of the license plates and the drivers of all other vehicles. Also get pictures of the other driver’s license plate number and of the driver themselves. Photograph any witnesses and record what they say about the accident – you’d be surprised how often insurance companies require proof from witnesses like these.

In addition, you have to take pictures of any injuries you’ve sustained as quickly as possible, as these can be vital pieces of evidence down the line.

Seek Medical Attention

From here, seek medical attention quickly for any injuries that require them. Issues like whiplash, strains, and sprains from accidents tend to increase as time wears on, and the longer you delay treatment, the worse you’ll feel.

Report the Claim

Even if you feel you were not at fault whatsoever, you have to report the incident to your insurance company. Your carrier can file important documents and can send you to repair estimates if needed. This is also a vital piece of documentation you may need later.

Be Careful With Adjusters

Once you’ve reported the claim and spoken to police, it’s generally best to stop talking about the incident – especially if another insurance adjuster calls. They may try to play it off like they’re just looking to see how you’re doing or trying to get your side of the story – in reality, this might be the insurance company trying to poke a hole in your story so they can pay you less. Take their number, and tell them you’ll call them back after you’ve consulted your attorney.

To learn more about this or any of our personal injury lawyer services, speak to the pros at Halepaska Law today.

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