At the offices of Halepaska Law, we’re proud to provide attorney services for all forms of personal injury. Whether it’s a car accident, DUI, or any other forms of personal injury, come to us knowing you’ll have a lawyer who is familiar with the landscape.

In the case of vehicle accidents and related incidents, a common issue we see among our clients is mistaken they make with their case before ever speaking to one of our attorneys. Let’s go over a few vital mistakes to avoid.

In the Immediate Aftermath

The minutes and hours that directly follow an accident of any kind are vital, and while we know this will be an incredibly stressful time, you have to be diligent. As long as you’re not incapacitated by the accident, there are a few things to focus one.

First off, never leave the scene too quickly under any circumstances. You need to stay on scene to collect documents and pictures, plus any witness information. If police are involved, you need to speak to them and follow their directions about leaving the scene – even if an accident wasn’t your fault at all, you could be charged with a hit-and-run if you leave the scene too fast.

Second, be sure to see a doctor as soon as humanly possible if you sustain injuries from the accident. Certain injuries might have delayed symptoms, so getting into a doctor’s office right away gets you the documentation you’ll need.


Speaking of documentation, it’s a vital aspect of most personal injury cases. Things like medical invoices, drug receipts, proof of lost wages, plus any communication you have with your insurance company are vital to keep around. If you have pain symptoms, document them in a detailed manner.

Taking the First Offer

In most cases, your insurance company or a defendant in a personal injury case will attempt to settle. They’ll present an initial offer that’s made to look great, and they may pressure you to accept it. These first offers tend to be lowballs in nearly every case, though – this is why having a personal injury lawyer on your side is valuable. We can help you separate these kinds of lowball offers from a fair settlement.

For more on the services we offer, or to find out about our services in product liability law and civil rights law, speak to the staff at Halepaska Law today.

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