Thousands of motorcycle accidents take place every year. While accidents involving motorcycles are less common than other motor vehicle accidents, these accidents often result in serious injuries and even deaths. Just like motor vehicle accidents of any kind, those injured in a motorcycle accident through the negligence of another party are often entitled to compensation for their bodily injuries suffered and other damages incurred as a result of the incident. As in any other traffic accident, one of the first calls you make after a crash involving a motorcycle is to a capable and trustworthy attorney.

At the Law Offices of John D. Halepaska, we are proud to offer compassionate and experienced motorcycle injury attorney services to anyone in this unfortunate position. There are a few factors of special concern for victims of motorcycle accidents that may differ from the typical concerns in a motor vehicle accident. Below we provide a few basic tips on some of the special concerns with motorcycle liability cases and settlements.

Motorcyclist Prejudice

While we wish this were not the case, it is an unfortunate reality that motorcyclists often must confront a sort of prejudice that exists among those who do not ride. Many people simply assume anyone who rides a motorcycle is reckless and drives dangerously; they may even assume that the motorcyclist was at fault for any accident involving a motorcycle.

Simply put, this is an unfair and untrue perception. Many motorcyclists are over 40 years old, and the wide majority of collisions involving motorcycles are caused by other vehicles. However, you have to be prepared for the potential for a jury or judge to have this prejudice – this is part of why it is so important to have a reputable and experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side.

Significant Sums

You may be wondering whether your incident is significant enough to file a liability claim, particularly if your accident did not result in severe injuries.  We strongly recommend at least speaking with one of our attorneys to evaluate the potential recovery in your circumstances. In general, the average motorcycle jury verdict compensation amount is well above $50,000; this may offer a real chance for you to receive assistance in getting your life back on track and attending to injuries, even if you believe they are relatively minor.

Factors Involved in Compensation

Whether you win a motorcycle claim in court or agree to a settlement, the decision on the amount of compensation involved will be based on several factors. These include the value of the motorcycle, the cost of any repairs, plus potential additional sums for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other consequential damages. Factors like time missed from work, hospital bills and insurance elements will also play a role.

Insurance Companies Aren’t on Your Side

Issues with automobile and motorcycle insurance are paramount after an accident. It is important to realize that the insurance company—and especially the insurer of another motorist—is not on your side. The defendant’s insurer will go out of its way to fight your claim and attempt to pay as little compensation as possible (of course, they would prefer to pay none). You might be offered a quick settlement for an amount that seems reasonable, but it is imperative to view such an offer with caution. Even your own insurer will want to know you were not responsible.

For more on how an experienced motorcycle injury attorney will help, or to learn about any of our personal injury attorney services, speak to the staff at the offices of John D. Halepaska today.

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