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Halepaska Law assists businesses, corporations, and private clients to resolve a broad range of commercial disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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Any business transaction can fall into dispute. When it does, the business suffers either because of potential financial losses in litigation or disruption to regular business operations. Business owners or managers who face conflicts with business partners, investors, vendors, clients, or employees are well-advised to retain counsel from an experienced business litigation attorney.

Legal Representation for Business Disputes

At The Law Offices of John D. Halepaska, we represent business clients in a range of contract, employment, debtor/creditor disputes, and operational disputes. As one of the most respected law firms in Colorado, we can advise you on complex issues related to both the law and your business goals.

Client-Focused Approach to Business Disputes in Colorado

As with any of our other practice areas, we observe a client-focused approach when handling business dispute cases. We recognize that no two business litigation cases or clients are alike. Our attorney John D. Halepaska and the rest of the firm give your case careful, thorough, one-on-one attention. We gather all the facts and evaluate the potential risks and benefits of each possible resolution. Together we can develop a legal negotiation strategy that will deliver the most favorable outcome for you. A successful business dispute outcome is one in which your rights and best interests are protected to the greatest degree possible — and that’s what we’re after at our firm.

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Have I got a case?

Let’s talk about it. Telephone our office to speak with a business dispute specialist.

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How much will it cost me to bring a business dispute claim?

In most cases you will pay nothing at all whether your case is successful or not.

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Is there a time limit?

Yes. In most cases two years, and three years for breach of contract, but there can be exceptions. Now is the best time to act.

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In most cases? What are the exceptions?

In high risk or complex cases we may agree with you from the outset that a success fee of up to 25% may be charged. This will not be payable if your claim is unsuccessful.

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Will I have to go to court?

Probably not. Most cases settle. We often need to issue court proceeding to move matters along but it is rare for a case to go all the way to trial.

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Do you have any questions?

We fight to protect your legal rights under the law.
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