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Just like an auto accident, an accident involving a tractor-trailer or large commercial truck can drastically change your life. Whether you were injured by a tractor-trailer while traveling, or injured by a delivery truck on a city street in Denver, trucking injury lawyer John D. Halepaska will help you. With decades of legal experience, he knows how to investigate, manage, negotiate and litigate large truck accidents.

Finding an attorney with experience litigating accidents where tractor trailers or large trucks are involved is crucial. If you’ve been injured by a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, you need an attorney with the knowledge and resources to analyze how the accident happened, what factors may have caused the accident, (driver fatigue, drugs and alcohol, improper loading, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation violations, negligent hiring and training, etc.) and then how to use that information to make sure you get the recovery you deserve.

The types of injuries that occur when you are injured by a tractor-trailer or other large truck can be catastrophic, even at low speeds. Those type of injuries may require a lifetime of care, and you need an attorney who knows how to analyze those injuries and properly attribute them to the accident.

Every case should be prepared as if litigation will be required, so you need an accident attorney experienced with litigating cases with tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and other large commercial vehicles. Those vehicles operate under Federal Regulations, which often vary depending on the weight, type of cargo, and other factors. Thousands of commercial trucks are involved in crashes on federal and state roads, often due to reckless driving, but also because of carelessness on behalf of the companies employing the drivers. If you’ve been injured by a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle, you need a law firm that knows and understands those regulations and how the failure to comply with those rules may have caused your accident.

Trucking companies and their insurers are not going to simply “do the right thing” and pay you fairly for your injuries out of a notion of goodwill or fairness. They will use every means possible to avoid responsibilities for your injuries. You need a personal injury lawyer that knows how to obtain the necessary information to prove your case, and has the skills and experience to put that information to work to get you the compensation you deserve.


Have I got a case?

Let’s talk about it. Telephone our office to speak to a personal injury specialist.

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How much will it cost me to bring a truck accident claim?

In most cases you will pay nothing at all whether your case is successful or not.

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Is there a time limit?

Yes. In most cases three years, but there can be exceptions. Now is the best time to act.

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In most cases? What are the exceptions?

In high risk or complex cases we may agree with you from the outset that a success fee of up to 25% may be charged. This will not be payable if your claim is unsuccessful.

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Will I have to go to court?

Probably not. Most cases settle. We often need to issue court proceeding to move matters along but it is rare for a case to go all the way to trial.

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